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Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

Get organized and experience a SHiFT™ in your life today. 

You are frustrated and tired. You want to make progress in your home and see changes in your life, but you feel stuck and overwhelmed with all your stuff.  Getting organized is no easy task, and it’s even harder to do it alone. 


Anderson Organizing is here to guide you on your journey to getting organized in all aspects of your life and SHiFT™ the way you live.

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Let's Meet

I'm Connie, An Expert in Decluttering

Connie has brought her compassion to the doors of those suffering since 1996. Improving her clients quality of life through better organization lays the foundation for her mission. She recognizes each person has unique circumstances and bases her hands-on organizing skills around them. Connie earned her Certified Professional Organizer® certification from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Association in 2017, and earned a credential as a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.


Every visit to your home or office ensures a confidential and non-judgemental guarantee. 

When your possessions overwhelm you and take over your wellbeing, it's time to take charge and gain control. You have the ability to control your life - Connie is here to help you find the way to gain it back.


Our Services

Creating a living space where you thrive by sorting, discarding, and setting up systems at home so you and your support team can find the things you need quickly is our specialty. 


  • Assisting with End-of-Life, Surgery, Illness, and Injury Recovery

  • Decluttering Homes & Offices 

  • Hoarding Recovery

  • Maintaining Order

  • Filing and Paper Management

  • Moving In or Out / Right-Sizing

  • Liquidation of Storage Units


Have a space or situation that isn't listed here? Just ask. We travel.


Happy Clients' Homes


"Connie Anderson with Anderson Organizing is amazing!!! She has helped me a few times. She helped most by helping me get rid of things that I felt emotionally attached to (mostly my parents things). She does not judge, is super sweet and knows her organizing! When she left her car was filled to the brim with our things and she took them to various places to donate. Highly recommend this local mom and business owner!"

Katie P.

"Enthusiastic, efficient, goal oriented, creative....these words describe Connie of Anderson Organizing. We are delighted with our uncluttered, organized garage space. She helped us create a space for workshops and events in our garage. By discarding, cleaning and organizing our stuff in labeled bins placed in shelving, our garage items are now easy to locate. From chaos to planning my very first event (teacher workshop). She helped us create our dream garage! Our new organized space has opened up many new possibilities. Thank you Connie!

Ginny B.

"...My load is lighter, life is airier and it's good to know that when things start to accumulate and sprawl, I've got Connie on my side."

Sandra N.

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